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The way things are supposed to work on this help desk is that users call in with problems to support techs who have a general knowledge of most things IT. "If the techs cannot resolve an issue, they pass it on to the people who can -- developers, networking, PC techs, whoever," says a pilot fish on the receiving end of those trouble tickets.

One day fish receives a ticket from a baffled help desk guy:

"User had everything transferred from her PC to a laptop last week. She can sign onto Windows. Can't sign onto Lotus Notes. Also can't sign onto the AS/400 (remote address could not be resolved). Laptop name is user314, IP address is She says she doesn't have a wireless card or a Cat 5 cable. She is at the corp. office this week."

Fish picks up the phone, and in a moment he's talking to the user. As expected, she tells him she's from a remote site and has just arrived to spend a few days at corporate.

And as expected, she's been installed in one of the unused conference rooms. Fish tells her to hang tight and he'll be there momentarily to fix the problem.

It takes a few minutes for fish to walk down to the conference room -- and a few seconds to solve the problem.

Then he returns to his cube, has a laugh with the other PC techs when he tells them the story and closes the ticket with a resolution comment: "Slid wireless switch to the 'on' position. User is now able to connect."

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