Inside Apple's iCal Server

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Connecting iCal to iCal Server

When one of the simplified setup modes is used along with other applications, iCal can be automatically configured on Leopard clients. If you are using advanced setup, or if your users opt not to automatically configure iCal, you can manually configure access to iCal Server or an alternate CalDAV server using the iCal preferences dialog. This is available from the iCal menu. To add or manage iCal Server or other CalDAV accounts, click the Accounts button in the Preferences tool bar.


Figure 4 -- iCal accounts preferences (Click for larger view.)

As shown in Figure 4, the left side of the window contains a list of configured accounts. You can modify an account by selecting it and choosing the options on the three tabs to the right, or delete it by clicking the Remote (minus sign) button beneath the list. Use the Add (plus sign) button to configure a new account.

When you add a new account, a dialog sheet appears with fields for a description of the account -- displayed in the iCal sidebar -- and the username and password for the account. If the Mac on which iCal is running is bound to the same Open Directory domain as the iCal Server, the additional server information may be automatically discovered. If it isn't, or if the Mac is not bound to the domain, you can specify the server manually by clicking the disclosure triangle labeled Server Options.

To manually specify a server, enter it in the Account URL field. Enter either the server's fully qualified DNS name or IP address and the appropriate port number (for example: ical.myserver.local:8008 or Even if using the standard ports, you will need to include the port number.

If you want to require Kerberos authentication, check the "Use Kerberos v5 for authentication" checkbox when connecting to a server that is configured to support both Kerberos and Digest authentication.

After you enter the required information, iCal will attempt to connect to the server and set up the shared calendar. After the connection is established, you will be able to configure the various options on the Account Information and Delegation tabs. The Server Settings tab mirrors the options contained in the "add account" dialog and can also be modified if needed.

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