Microsoft bows to pressure, offers IE8 update

'Masses were demanding information,' admits company evangelist

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Others weren't buying any of it. "I would be impressed if the IE team actually turned out a browser that didn't force me to run three different computer systems, or some jacked-up/hacked-up copy just so I can make sure that a stupid little div didn't just break my entire Web site (W3C compliant or not)," said a user tagged only as Ken. "Of course, the community is bitter. You kick us in the teeth with every version release, turn your backs on us when we beg for help, and then act like you're some Messiah because you passed some stupid little test that has no real-world application."

Opera Software ASA, which last week filed a complaint with the European Union's antitrust agency over concerns about IE's lack of support for Web standards, also seemed to take a wait-and-see approach.

"We congratulate Microsoft on the screenshots showing IE8 passing the ACID2 test," a company spokesman said in an e-mail. We hope that IE8 passes the ACID2 test out of the box when it ships, and we look forward to testing IE8 on all the main Web standards."

Opera, however, did not say whether Microsoft's move had changed its mind about the complaint filed with the EU, saying only: "We hope IE8's passing of the ACID2 test signals a change in Microsoft's heart and mind regarding their support for Web standards."

In other IE8 news disclosed by Hachamovitch yesterday, he also said that a beta of the browser would be released in the first half of next year, and that more information about the upgrade would be revealed at MIX08.

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