Image gallery: Ultraportables through the years

Always getting smaller, faster and lighter... but not all at once

Editor's note: This image gallery, which revisits history's groundbreaking portable computers, accompanies our story Life on the EEEdge: Daily life with Asus' tiny laptop. Click through to that story for the full review of the Asus Eee PC.

The "superportable" HP Omnibook 300 was introduced in 1993. The 3-lb. Intel 386 subnotebook miraculously boasted both a full-size keyboard and more than five hours of battery life, but it suffered from a fragile pop-up mouse; an eye-fatiguing, passive grayscale screen; and the optional-but-let's-not-kid-ourselves external devices -- the floppy drive, serial cable and power supply, which combined nearly doubled the Omnibook's bulk and weight.

HP Omnibook 300

Image courtesy of the HP Virtual Museum.

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