Countdown: Computerworld's most popular stories of 2007


Top 7 News Stories of '07

7. Buying a new PC? 'Windows Vista Capable' barely hits the mark

Configuring a PC around the minimum hardware requirements may not be the best idea for users who hope to get the most out of Windows Vista.

horrified Mac user
6. Some Leopard upgraders see 'blue screen of death' Thousands of users faced a lockup problem with new installations of Apple's latest OS. 5. Massive spam shot of 'Storm Trojan' reaches record proportions

A technically sophisticated spam outbreak tricks recipients into opening a file attachment that can hijack their computers.

tiny faces on Vista DVD
4. Mystery of tiny faces on Vista DVDs solved Three images embedded in the surface of Windows Vista's installation DVDs may be too small to see with the naked eye, but they're no big mystery, according to Microsoft. 3. Mother's ire puts Ballmer on defense over Vista

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer endured a scolding from a mother whose teenage daughter convinced her to switch to Vista -- and who went right back to using Windows XP two days later.

2. How to run Vista legally without activation ... for at least a year

A Windows expert reveals an end run around one of Microsoft's main antipiracy tools.

1. Report: Google shows phone prototype to vendors

Google has developed a phone for ad-supported cellular subscriptions that could be available within a year, according to a report.


Top 7 Features & Special Reports of '07

computer user
7. 12 IT skills that employers can't say no to Job hunters with these IT skills are assured of employment, now and in the future. 6. Hacking Firefox: The secrets of about:config

Discover more than 20 behind-the-scenes tweaks for speeding up page loads, reducing memory drain and making the interface behave the way you want it to.

Windows XP desktop
5. How to make Windows XP last for the next seven years Vista, schmista. Follow our tips for keeping your XP setup humming happily for a long, long time. 4. Best places to work in IT 2007

Where can you earn top dollar, get the best benefits, the latest IT and more? Find out in our 14th annual survey of the Best Places to Work in IT.

605 WiFi, courtesy of Archos Inc.
3. '80 Mbytes of storage for under $12k!' and other ad favorites through the years We've collected some of the most entertaining advertisements that have appeared in Computerworld since 1967. 2. Don't believe the hype: The 21 biggest technology flops

We fondly recall 21 overpromoted products and technologies that utterly failed to live up to their hype -- and we give you a chance to choose the biggest flop of all.

1. The top 10 dead (or dying) computer skills

These are the skills you need to rethink on your way up the IT food chain, or training you should consider avoiding if you're looking for a career in computers.

Top 7 Reviews of '07

7. The iPhone: Two reviews, one conclusion -- it's a glimpse of the future
The must-have phone of '07 lives up to its hype, say Michael DeAgonia and Seth Weintraub.

6. The top 10 funniest tech videos on YouTube
Hilarious parodies, spoofs and jokes related to IT and computers. OK, some of them don't have that much to do with computers, but they'll still make you laugh.

5. First look: The new MacBook Pro 17, now with hi-res screen
Sure, it's got a faster processor, but it's the display that will blow you away.

4. First look: Apple offers 802.11n, and a wireless wow
With its new Airport Extreme base station, Apple moves ahead into the still uncharted world of 802.11n wireless networking. Oh, and there's one more thing...

Firefox logo
3. Top 10 Firefox extensions to avoid
Just because an extension is popular doesn't mean it belongs in your Web browser.

2. In Depth: Apple's Leopard leaps to new heights
After almost two and half years, the Mac faithful finally have a crack at Apple's latest OS. Here's a detailed look at the new features and changes they get with Leopard.

1. 20 must-have Firefox extensions
These plug-ins give you souped-up functionality, better look and feel, and streamlined development tasks. And some are just plain cool.


Top 7 Blogs & Opinions of '07

7. Why Firefox has lost its mojo
TV ads touting Firefox point to an organization that's lost its way, remarks Preston Gralla.

Sen. Ted Stevens
6. U.S. senator: It's time to ban Wikipedia in schools, libraries
Preston Gralla reports on a bill introduced by Sen. Ted Stevens, the man who described the Internet as a series of tubes.

5. I hate Macs
David Ramel expresses his displeasure with Apple -- from its rock star wanna-be CEO in his black turtleneck and jeans to its overpriced, overhyped and underwhelming products -- in Computerworld's most-commented-upon blog ever.

4. Why cell phones are still grounded
It's because phones interfere with airplane electronics, right? Wrong, says Mike Elgan.

3. Why Apple's 'consumer' Macs are enterprise-worthy
The line between consumer and pro in Apple Inc.'s hardware lineup can be a blurry one, says Seth Weintraub. But that can be good for companies that may be eyeing Mac hardware for their users.

Vista logo
2. The Trouble with Vista

It isn't the features you can see in Vista, or the lack thereof -- it's the priority shift at Microsoft's core, says Scot Finnie.

1. Windows expert to Redmond: Buh-bye
Scot Finnie, Computerworld's resident authority on Windows, says "sayonara" to his old OS after a three-month Macintosh trial.

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