Hands-on: Making Leopard servers simple

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IChat Service in Server Preferences.

The Web service offers an option to define a home page for the server. This can either be a page created and stored on the server, or it can be easily set to a wiki page that allows access to all collaborative Web tools. Web services can also enable wikis for groups and can provide Web mail and blogs for users. Each option includes a link to view the appropriate Web service or page in a browser.


Mail Service in Server Preferences.


Web Service in Server Preferences.

The VPN service provides fields for defining the IP address range to be used by VPN clients and is probably the single most complex item in Server Preferences. There's an option for changing and viewing the service's shared secret that is used to establish trust and encryption keys with clients, and a button creates a file that can be used to automatically configure Mac OS X access to the VPN server. (Note: Shared secret is where both the client and server possess a shared string of characters to establish trust between them and then generate an encryption key.)

Standard mode supports only shared secrets for securing VPN access and supports only the Layer 2 Transport Protocol (L2TP) for connections.


VPN Service in Server Preferences.

The System section of Server Preferences includes three items that display information about the server. Information shows licensing data, IP address, and file sharing and DNS names. The Logs section, the least user-friendly part of Server Preferences for novice administrators, provides access to the various service logs available for standard and workgroup mode services. This includes some of the traditional Mac OS X Server directory services logs.

Graphs provides visual representations of various server states such as CPU usage, network traffic and disk space. This is similar to what can be found in Server Admin when working in advanced mode and in previous Mac OS X Server versions.

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