Hands-on: Making Leopard servers simple

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When a user is selected in the Accounts pane in Server preferences, the Accounts tab for that user allows you to perform the majority of administrative tasks, including designating if the user is allowed server administration capabilities. You can also insert a picture used in various places throughout the Mac OS X interface -- including the log-in window and iChat instant messenger icon -- and reset the user's password. (Password reset offers an assistant to help choose secure passwords.) Group management is equally simple, with two tabs: one for settings such as group names and enabled services that include a shared folder, mailing and mailing list Web archive, Web calendar and group wiki and blog; and another tab for viewing and modifying group membership.


Accounts management in Server Preferences.

Service settings are also very simple, and each service includes a large on/off switch for enabling or disabling the service. Configuring file sharing is exceedingly simple and is strikingly similar to the file-sharing portion of Leopard client's System Preferences Sharing pane.


File sharing in Server Preferences.

The iCal Service offers two simple options for limiting the data size used by individual events or whole calendars. IChat, also simple, offers check boxes for automatically creating buddy lists of all users, enabling communication with external Jabber servers including Google's GTalk. IChat also allows chat logging and archiving. The Mail service provides an easy-to-use slider and check box for configuring junk mail and virus filtering. This is in addition to outgoing e-mail relay, which is also offered in the setup process.

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