The 10 funniest Mac vs. PC YouTube videos

Apple ad campaign prompts Mac, PC fans to defend their favorites in online video parodies

Apple Inc. has created several famous marketing campaigns over the years, beginning with the 1984 television ad that launched the Macintosh computer. That ad pledged that the arrival of the Apple personal computer would defeat Big Brother and thus ensure that the world described in George Orwell's novel, 1984, wouldn't come to pass.

Perhaps one of the best-known ad campaigns since then is the "'I'm a Mac.' 'I'm a PC'" series that started in 2006, starring actors Justin Long and John Hodgman. In those ads, Long, playing the Mac, emerges as a better, faster and more creative system than the PC.

Because of the fierce religious wars between the Mac and PC camps, it's not surprising that several hundred parodies of those commercials have sprung up on YouTube.

Many of the parodies take the PC's point of view and make fun of the Mac as a technology better suited to making videos and Web sites than for serious business efforts. Other videos feature spin-offs on the concept -- such as "I'm a Bank, I'm a Credit Union," "I'm a Rebel, I'm a Storm Trooper" and "I'm Marvel and I'm DC."

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Ten of the funniest parody videos

Mac or PC rap music video


In this rap song, the PC urges the Mac to "Take a look at Vista, enjoy the view. I suggest Premium or the ultimate skew. Cop a Dell with a graphics card -- super fast." The Mac raps back that "Tiger's fast as hell, but Leopard's got the boom. Time machine is mad mean. You're absurd -- what's a Zune?"

PC vs. MAC -- money

In this video shot from the PC's point of view, Mac boasts that he does work for PC when he needs something hip. But the Mac finds the pay for his efforts from PC lacking.

Chris Elliott's Mac vs. PC commercial 2


This sketch from the David Letterman Show stars actor Chris Elliott in another parody of the Mac vs. PC ads, with PC striking back.

PC vs. MAC -- at work

The Mac takes it on the chin again when he shows up late for a client meeting because he was making a Web site for his cat.

Chris Elliott's Mac vs. PC commercial

Chris Elliott is back, this time getting his revenge on the PC, by turning him into the download police for disparaging iTunes and bragging about downloading music from P2P sites.

PC vs. MAC -- music


In this spoof, Mac plans to work on his Web site over the weekend with another Apple fanboy, while PC's plans don't include tech work.

Mac vs. PC crash

The playing field gets leveled as PC and Mac each crash.

Apple Mac vs. PC spoof ad, part 2

In another hit on Mac's ability to do real work, this Mac doesn't really know what it means to have a job but has heard of "Jobs."

Mac vs. PC -- rant


PC shoots back at Mac noting, "I am the one guiding NASA rockets and assisting the military … and when people buy you they throw out your mouse and use one of mine."

Hi, I'm a Marvel ... and I'm Batman. (Mac/PC Parody)

Technically, this one isn't focused on technology, but here's a funny video with DC Comics taking on Marvel as Spider-Man and Batman banter about their lots in life.

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