The five hottest skills for your networking career

Neil Anderson, enterprise network expert and author, addresses career and technical questions in a live chat transcript

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Moderator-Keith: Final pre-submitted question: What can be done to better protect the corporate network when employees want to be allowed access from any old public hotspot? There are two main issues to address: secure the laptop, and always VPN. Securing the laptop needs to include up-to-date OS, up-to-date anti-virus software and signatures, and preferably heuristics that can not only flag known signatures, but flag anomalous behavior as well. Cisco Security Agent (CSA) is an example that can keep programs from installing themselves and other anomalies from occurring. The second is to always use a VPN tunnel with high enough encryption so that anything sent through the hotspot is secure.

Moderator-Julie: Don't forget to check out Neil's blog on Network World's Cisco Subnet this month. Thanks everyone for the questions! I wish I could have gotten to every single one, but I can only type so fast...LOL. I hope it was as great for all of you as it was for me, and thanks for your time!

Moderator-Julie: Thank you, Neil, for being our guest today and thank you all for coming.

Our next chat is Wednesday, April 9, at 2 p.m. ET: Boost your career with new security training and skills, with Adam Gordon.

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