Computerworld survey results: Windows Server 2008

Computerworld's Windows Server 2008 survey was administered online from May 10-27, 2008. (The related overview story is here.)

Select subscribers to Computerworld (those with IT management titles) were sent an e-mail solicitation. Select Computerworld newsletter subscribers were invited to take the survey via a link in the newsletters.

Respondents identified themselves as IT or IS managers (15%), directors of IT or IS (12%), network administrators (8%), chief technology officers (7%) and a bevy of other titles.

Numbers for individual survey questions may not add up to 100 due to rounding and/or the ability to select more than one response.

Research assistance provided by Mari Keefe, research manager.

Does your organization plan to adopt Windows Server 2008 at some point?

Yes: 63%
No: 22%
Don't know: 15%

Base: 403 respondents

If not, why not? (Select all that apply.)

Benefits not sufficient to warrant adoption 48%
No business need 44%
Cost 42%
Migrating to another server operating system 30%
Too time-consuming 25%
Other 22%
Not a Windows shop 14%

Base: 88 respondents who indicated that they would not be adopting Windows Server 2008

"Other" responses included:

  • Current server architecture is going to remain in place for three years, so plans for migration won't happen for two years. A lot can change in two years.
  • Going to Win Server 2003.
  • Possible conflict with existing apps.
  • Server stability, lack of full featured command-line server management tools.
  • Still in Windows 2000.
  • Too risky for security reasons.

If yes, in what time frame will your organization start the transition to Windows Server 2008?

Am implementing now 25%
6 to 12 months 34%
12 to 18 months 19%
18 to 24 months 13%
More than 2 years 9%

Base: 253 respondents

Over what period of time will your organization complete the transition to Windows Server 2008?

Within a year 25%
Phase in over the next two years 30%
Over the next three years 20%
Over the next four+ years 15%
Unsure/don't know 11%

Base: 253 respondents

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