Apple: New iPods ineligible for college rebates

'Rebate claims ... will not be honored,' it says about latest iPod touch and nano

College students hoping to score one of the new iPod touch or iPod nano music players introduced yesterday as part of Apple Inc.'s still-running back-to-school promotion are out of luck.

Apple has specifically disqualified the new players from the promotion, which runs through next Monday. The promotion offers students, faculty and staff rebates of up to $209 on first-generation iPod touches or third-generation iPod nanos purchased at the same time as a Mac laptop or desktop.

"The iPod models introduced on Sept. 9, 2008, are not eligible for this promotion," Apple said in a revised FAQ for the back-to-school deal. "iPod Classic and iPod Shuffle are also not eligible."

Apple unveiled the promotion in early June. At the time, it offered rebates of up to $299 on 8GB iPod nanos and all versions of the iPod touch when bought at the same time as a Mac.

Yesterday, Apple reduced the maximum rebate to $209, saying it did so because it also cut the price of the supplanted iPods. "The new amounts are $209 and $149, the new list price of a 8GB iPod Touch or a 8GB iPod Nano," the promotion's terms now read (download PDF).

Those terms make it clear that Apple won't send buyers rebate checks if they purchase a just-unveiled iPod touch or nano. "Rebate claims submitted in conjunction with these products will not be honored," the document states.

Yesterday, Apple refreshed both the iPod touch and iPod nano lines, reducing the price of the former and doubling the storage capacity of the latter.

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