Opinion: Mac advertising masterpieces and missteps

A dozen dazzling and dopey Mac ads from the past 25 years

"Get a Macintosh"

Year: 1995

This frontal assault on Windows 95 is a masterpiece of acting, timing, and the artful appeal to conventional wisdom.

Anyone who's ever sat through a presentation that was suffering technical difficulties can feel the embarrassing discomfort of our hapless hero as he struggles to get his slide show working. The shouted suggestions from the audience --"Try typing sysedit.exe" or "Look in your config.sys" -- hits right at the viewer's preconceptions (possibly justified by experience) about what you have to do to get a PC working.

The capper is the last piece of advice shouted out of the darkness after the announcer finishes his voice-over: "Get a Macintosh." What could be simpler?

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