Opinion: Mac advertising masterpieces and missteps

A dozen dazzling and dopey Mac ads from the past 25 years

Macintosh Portable

Year: 1990

This ad is a good example of how even a fatally flawed product can have great advertising. The Macintosh Portable had a handle and a battery, but it weighed nearly 16 pounds, about the same as the contemporary Mac Classic desktop. Often called the Macintosh "Luggable," it didn't sell well.

But the ad is lovely. Showing someone of indeterminate gender peacefully working in his or her warmly lit kitchen, it demonstrates what your life could be like if only you used a Macintosh Portable -- it's like an ad for a vacation resort. This may have been the earliest Mac ad that aimed to get people to embrace the Macintosh lifestyle as much as it aimed to get them purchase a piece of equipment.

Macintosh Portable ad

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