Opinion: Mac advertising masterpieces and missteps

A dozen dazzling and dopey Mac ads from the past 25 years

"Ellen Feiss"

Year: 2002

Is she or isn't she? This ad, directed by Errol Morris, became an Internet sensation as Mac owners and Mac bashers alike delighted in the 14-year-old Feiss' heavy-lidded, rambling -- well, "stoned" is the word -- delivery. (Feiss later blamed her groggy performance on a combination of allergy medication and lack of sleep.)

The eighth-grade student describes how her PC suddenly "was like 'Beep-beep-beep'" and devoured half of the paper she was working on. "It was kind of ... a bummer," she concludes. The ad's content wasn't that different from the other ads in the Switcher campaign, but Feiss' persona turned it into one of the earliest examples of successful viral marketing.

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