12 fabulous, freaky and functional iPhone cases

Need a last-minute holiday gift? Check out these fun and intriguing iPhone cases.

Playboy Fur Phone Pouch iPhone case

For those awaiting a call from Hef -- or who want to look like they are

Playboy Fur Phone Pouch with Gold Chain Strap

Made of faux leopard skin on the outside and a "soft silk-like material" on the inside, this case features a black Playboy rabbit insignia on the front and a Playboy tag on the side. It comes with a detachable 11-inch gold-colored chain and closes with a magnetic button.

The case offers no through-the-case functionality, so it can hold many other mobile devices beyond the iPhone. You can also order other color/design schemes, such as gold bunny on leopard, black bunny on white, and so on.

And don't worry about legality -- AccessoryGeeks makes sure every visitor to its Web site knows it's an officially licensed product, as Playboy has had many a trademark dispute with vendors in the past.

Available from: AccessoryGeeks

Fits: All iPhones, numerous other devices

Price: $34.99; currently on sale for $29.99  

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