12 fabulous, freaky and functional iPhone cases

Need a last-minute holiday gift? Check out these fun and intriguing iPhone cases.

Game Grip iPhone case

For two-fisted gamers

Game Grip

This case/grip combination lets you morph your iPhone so it looks like a PlayStation or Xbox controller, with two handles on each end of the iPhone holding it in the horizontal position for racing, aviation and other landscape-mode games.

However, the bright blue grips don't include any controls -- the Game Grip just provides the handles.

The grip package includes two silicone skins, one for an iPhone 3G, one for an iPod Touch, that allow them to fit the blue silicone handle case. (There's also a $39.99 option that includes just an iPhone 3G skin, but it was out of stock -- available for preorder -- at publication time.)

The skins themselves provide some protection to your device even when it's not fitted into the handle case. The handle case provides access to the headphone port and lets you charge the iPhone's battery while playing.

Available from: Marware Inc.

Fits: iPhone 3G and original iPod Touch

Price: $44.99  

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