12 fabulous, freaky and functional iPhone cases

Need a last-minute holiday gift? Check out these fun and intriguing iPhone cases.

ToughSkin Rugged Rubber iPhone case

For those who like to wrestle grizzly bears

ToughSkin Rugged Rubber Case

If you drive a Hummer, you'd probably like this baby. It exudes ruggedness. The case is 4 ounces of protection with extra-thick corners and a textured design that you could hold onto in a hurricane -- or while wrestling a grizzly bear.

In fact, you could probably use it to club the bear into unconsciousness. (Note: Computerworld does not in any manner recommend that readers wrestle grizzly bears).

It hinges at the bottom to allow docking, provides access to all controls and includes a removable belt clip or holster that doubles as a tabletop stand.

Oddly, it doesn't include a screen protector but is said to work with most available protectors or screen films. So just keep the screen away from the bear's teeth.

Available from: Speck

Fits: iPhone 3G

Price: $34.95; currently on sale for $17.47  

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