12 fabulous, freaky and functional iPhone cases

Need a last-minute holiday gift? Check out these fun and intriguing iPhone cases.

Power Slider iPhone case

For power-hungry iPhone addicts

Power Slider

As any iPhone owner can attest, it's all too common to drain your battery after a busy day of making calls, browsing the Web, watching videos and sending and receiving e-mail.

Several iPhone cases extend the device's battery life with their own power pack, but the Power Slider from Incase Designs fills three needs in one by providing hard-shell protection, expanded battery life and integrated sync and charge capabilities.

Incase claims to beat the competition with an integrated rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery that more than doubles the amount of time you can operate your iPhone. Users can also sync the device without removing the case, and a series of LED lights acts as a battery gauge and denotes syncing and charging status.

Available from: Incase Designs Corp.

Fits: iPhone 3G

Price: $99.95  

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