12 fabulous, freaky and functional iPhone cases

Need a last-minute holiday gift? Check out these fun and intriguing iPhone cases.

Otterbox Armor Waterproof iPhone Case

For the wet 'n' wild

OtterBox Armor Waterproof Case

This sturdy case protects your iPhone even if it falls into water -- as long as it's not deeper than 3 feet. It also protects against sand, dirt and dust. With a clamshell design, it's made of molded high-impact polycarbonate and weighs 4.5 ounces.

The case lets you operate the iPhone through a thin membrane covering the touch screen, and it includes its own waterproof headphone jack. For full waterproof functionality, you need to have an iPhone-compatible headset or a Bluetooth headset that supports Headset Profile (HSP). Or you can use it in speaker-phone mode.

The RadTech Web site describes the case as an "internal high-density shock protection system comprised of full-surround, closed cell impact absorbing cage." We're not quite sure what that means, but it supposedly protects the iPhone against the usual drops and bangs and even G-forces. We could find no other cases that were rated for G-force protection. Do fighter pilots use iPhones?

(Note: Better act quickly. An OtterBox representative informed me that the company is no longer making this item. For the time being, however, it's in stock in several locations, including RadTech, My Mac Store, Sector 29 and eBlazingTech.)

Available from: RadTech

Fits: First-generation iPhone

Price: $69.95  

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