Google News crashes this afternoon

News aggregation site down for at least an hour -- so far; users seek answers on Twitter

Google News crashed this afternoon.

Google's automated news aggregation site appeared to crash at about 3:30 p.m. EDT today and was still unavailable more than an hour later. Various users reported receiving a 503 Server Error when trying to call up the site.

Google has not yet responded to a request for information on the outage.

Twitter users have been looking for information and reporting the outage. One Twitterer wrote, "Wow. google news is indeed down. 503 error." Another tweeted, "Google News seems to be down... Oh my God... what's HAPPENING?! How are we to know?!"

In February, Google News suffered a 14-hour glitch. Google acknowledged at the time that some users were not getting any results when using keywords like "Microsoft" and even "Google" in Google News. Other users reported that entire news sections, such as Science/Technology, were coming up empty of any stories.

Google News 503 error
Google News: Server Down.

Google did not say what had caused the February problem.

Just this month, Google's hosted Gmail application experienced one day of intermittent disruptions, followed by a second day during which users saw multiple delays and outages. Gmail users also suffered through well-publicized crashes in both February and May.

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