Damaged undersea Internet cables to be fixed soon

Six undersea fiber-optic cables damaged by Typhoon Morakot as it swept past Taiwan will be repaired by the middle of September, according to a statement from the island's largest telecommunications provider.

The cables carry Internet and communications traffic from the U.S. and North Asia to Taiwan, China, Hong Kong and parts of Southeast Asia. Typhoon Morakot churned up ocean waters as it passed Taiwan, causing undersea landslides that damaged cables on both the East and West coasts of southern Taiwan. One cable was knocked out on Aug. 9 as Morakot hit Taiwan's east coast and the others were damaged after the typhoon passed to the other side of the island, causing disruptions to Internet and voice services in China and Southeast Asia.

Chunghwa was able to restore services by using backup systems and rerouting traffic to cables unaffected by the typhoon.

The company has finished its assessments of the damaged cables and expects repairs to be completed by Sep. 15, Chunghwa said.

The six undersea fiber-optic cables damaged near Taiwan by Morakot were the SWM-3 (Southeast Asia - Middle East - Western Europe 3), the APCN (Asia Pacific Cable Network), APCN2, C2C Cable Network East Asia Crossing (EAC), C2C Cable Network (C2C) and FLAG (Fiber Optic Link Around The Globe) North Asia Loop (FNAL).

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