Image gallery: Building an Apple-1 replica from scratch

Follow along as our editor assembles a working Apple-1 machine just like Woz built back in 1976.

Hello World

Now that the reproduction of a 33-year-old computer is functional, what does one do with it? For starters, any BASIC or assembly code that runs on a 6502 chip (such as the software on the Replica 1's included CD) will run on an Apple-1, after being manually typed in from the keyboard or sent from a modern computer to the Replica 1's RS232 port.

If you run out of space in which to store all this code, or you want an easier way to get code onto your Replica, you can install a CompactFlash reader. And Tom Owad's book Apple I Replica Creation: Back to the Garage gives additional suggestions for ways to enjoy your new retrocomputer.

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