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Searching for a Job in a Recession

10 Secrets for Searching for a Job in a Recession

Focusing your efforts on jobs in growing industries and demonstrating how your work has generated revenue are just two simple ways to distinguish yourself from the rest of the job seekers competing for positions in a down economy.

2 More Secrets for Improving Your Job Search in a Recession

The outlook for IT jobs in 2009 is mostly grim, so job seekers have to use a different and more aggressive approach to finding a new job.

Recruiters' Secrets: 6 Job Hunting Tips for a Tough Market

Whether they're employed or unemployed, IT professionals are anxious about their job prospects during this recession. They want to know how to navigate the worst job market in years and how they can differentiate themselves. Here's direct advice from recruiters on job hunting, with and without a recruiter.

6 Tactics for Today's Job Search

Outdated job-search tactics can undermine your effort to land a new gig. In a competitive job market, fine-tuning your approach to meet present conditions can mean the difference between frustration and success.

Best Practices for Getting Hired in a Downturn

Robert Half Technology's Dave Willmer looks at the IT jobs landscape.

Should You Take a Lower-Level Job?

Many career experts warn job seekers against taking lower-level jobs. They argue it does a disservice to the job seeker's career. But in this economy, taking a lower-level job might actually be a smart career move. Here's why.

It's Not You. It's the Economy

Time for a reality check: Your lack of progress in your job search isn't due to any personal or professional deficiency, says executive recruiter Mark Jaffe.

The Wackiest Thing You've Done to Get a Job

From sandwich boards to billboards, desperate job seekers are taking extreme measures to market themselves to prospective employers.

How Long Have You Been Looking for a Job?

Executives can expect to be on the hunt at least a year, says one executive recruiter.

Web 2.0, Social Networking and Your Job Search

6 Job Search Strategies for a Web 2.0 World

To outshine your competitors and land a new job in today's economy, don't abandon steadfast career advice. Rather, refine it with Web 2.0 tools that will enhance your job search.

The Pros and Cons of Social Networks and IT Job Seeking

A high-tech recruiter sheds light on how IT workers can help and hinder their job search with social networking sites.

How to Use LinkedIn Company Profiles For Job Hunt, Networking

Company profile pages on LinkedIn can help you tune into a company's comings and goings, executive relationships, key business facts, and more. Here's how to search and use LinkedIn Company Profiles to your best advantage.

How to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile: Stand Out to Employers, Recruiters

With so many people job hunting now, you've got more competition than ever on LinkedIn. So how do you make your LinkedIn profile work best for you? Here are some practical tips for standing out from the crowd and reaching potential employers.

LinkedIn Profiles: Avoid the Six Most Common Mistakes

Are mistakes on your LinkedIn profile costing you possible job opportunities? Check out this practical advice on LinkedIn profile pitfalls.

Beware Job Seekers: Facebook, Myspace Could Harm Your Job Search

One in five employers uses social networks in their hiring process. says one-third of hiring managers rejected candidates based on what they found.

Web 2.0's Impact on Your Job Search: Name Recognition or a Transition

CIO Job Search blogger Mark Cummuta talks about how blogging is affecting his job search. It's not all good and it's not all bad.

Working with Recruiters

Recruiter's Advice: How to Work with a Retained Executive Search Firm

Executive recruiter Jane Howze offers her list of Do's and Don'ts for working with a headhunter.

Recruiter's Advice Part 2: How to Interview with an Executive Search Firm

More advice from Jane Howze.

How NOT to Piss Off a Recruiter

Job seekers need recruiters more than ever. But in their efforts to nurture their networks and stay at the forefront of recruiters' minds, some job seekers are frustrating the very people they need to help them land a new job.

Job Seekers: 5 More Tips for Getting on Recruiters' Good Sides

A follow-up to the Career Connection blog entry, How Not to Piss Off a Recruiter

3 Tips for Hearing About Jobs from Recruiters

Executive recruiter Mark Polansky offers his advice for getting recruiters to call you about job opportunities.

Q&A with Korn Ferry Recruiters

Karen Rubenstrunk and Bob Blumenthal explain how CIOs can build mutually beneficial relationships with recruiters.

Q&A with Michael Burgett

Michael Burgett, the founder and president of CIO Partners of Atlanta, a national IT services company that does recruiting, explains how the recruiting industry works and suggests ways IT executives can maximize their relationships with recruiters.

Q&A with Heidrick & Struggles Recruiter

Gerry McNamara discusses the dynamics surrounding CIO hiring and the skills companies seek in CIOs.

Age-Specific Job Search Advice

Job Search Tips for Workers Over 50

Statistics show that it is in fact harder for older workers to find new jobs. That's why workers over 50 need to take a different approach to the job search process. Here are five tips.

Age: The New Glass Ceiling

A 50-something CIO finds her age might be her biggest barrier to landing a new job.

Too Much Experience Could Be Hurting Your IT Job Search research shows that while more IT professionals with between five to 10 years experience are looking for work now, employers this year are hoping to fill open positions with candidates who possess between three and five years of experience.

Gen Y: 5 Ways to Stand Out in a Tough Job Market

Use these tips to put yourself on equal footing with older workers who may be competing for the same jobs.

General Job Search Advice

How to Create and Execute an Employer-Centric Job Search Strategy

Job seekers at all levels are going about their searches all wrong. Instead of sending out résumés willy-nilly, they need to focus their efforts on the employers who will be most receptive to hiring them.

4 Glaring Signs Your Job Search Is Not Working and 19 Ways to Improve It

Ignoring these warning signs will result in painful, protracted job searches.

The Power of Persuasion in a Job Search

Whether you're seeking a new job or clinging to an existing one, persuading people of your value is going to be your key to success during this recession. In this Q&A, James Borg, author of "Persuasion: The Art of Influencing People," explains how to persuade people without being pushy.

CIO Job Search: A Real Life Chronicle

The real-life experience of searching for a new CIO job.

8 Ways to Fight Globalization's Negative Impact on Your Job Search

Major shifts in global corporate ownership are rippling downstream, affecting enterprises' hierarchical structures, executive roles, and hiring criteria. Here's how to cope.

IT Careers: Why You Should Register with an IT Staffing Firm

An IT staffing firm can connect you with unadvertised IT jobs, provide training and resume revamping, or offer the flexibility of consulting opportunities-all while easing the stress of a job search.

5 Steps for Surviving the Job Search Doldrums

The weeks between Thanksgiving and New Years is a slow time for job seekers. Security recruiters offer advice on using the down time to get your job search in shape for the following year.

The Two Websites Every Job Seeker Needs to Join

You probably know about one of these websites, but you may not know about the other. Neither is a job board.

How Do You Find Your Next Job?

Would you rather get help from an executive recruiter, or would you rather work directly with the employer? What do you think is the best way to land your next job?

Who Are the Best Companies to Work For? Targeting Your Job Search

Links to lists of best places to work from Fortune, U.S. News and World Report, Working Mother and more.

Protecting Your Identity in Your Job Search

Identity thieves are increasingly exploiting job search and social networking websites because those sites can be treasure troves of registered users' personal information.

When to End Your Job Search

If your job search has been going on for months, maybe over a year, is there an appropriate length of time or some other condition when a job seeker should "put a fork in it" and quit?

Professional References: 7 Deadly Myths

Job seekers make many false assumptions about their professional references: They think they can simply leave bad references off their résumés and that their references don't matter to an employer after they've started a new job. Here, the vice president of a reference checking firm dispels job seekers' seven most common misconceptions about professional references.

Where the IT Jobs Are

Search Engine Uncovers and Maps Job Openings

The creators of a new job-hunting Web site say they've built a specialized search engine that digs around the Web looking for jobs that may not be advertised elsewhere.

6 Recession Proof IT Jobs

Not all IT jobs are being offshored and outsourced. Some positions in IT are among the most recession-proof jobs across all fields.

Recession Slows Growth of Software Developer Population

Evans Data revises downward its growth projections for software developers in light of sour economic conditions for the first time in four years.

Outlook for IT Jobs in 2009

As demand for discretionary IT projects slows, CIOs anticipate cutting contract IT workers, staff from third-party service providers and even some of their own in-houes staff, according to a Goldman Sachs survey.

New Research Reveals Highest-Paid IT Skills and Certifications During the Recession

Foote Partners' latest IT Skills and Certifications Index shows that pay for IT professionals with Netweaver Portals, Apple OS X and PHP skills ballooned during the fourth quarter of 2008, while pay for extreme programming, certain SAP and networking skills dipped.

Sensible Jobs for IT Professionals that Aren't in IT

In the book, Debugging Your Information Technology Career, author and former IT exec Janice Weinberg offers 20 different positions outside of IT that IT professionals could easily move into.

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