Image gallery: Spotting the cybersquatters

Not all of the sites shown here have been judged to be cybersquatting sites -- but they fit the profile.

This gallery accompanies our story Domain-name wars: Rise of the cybersquatters. Click through to that story for more about online brand abuse. This site showed pornographic images created with plastic Lego toys. Lego Juris AS, which owns the Lego brand, pursued a Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (often called UDRP) action against site owner P N S Enterprises through the World Intellectual Property Organization on Feb. 6. Lego won the case on March 26, and WIPO directed the registrar,, to shut down the site and transfer ownership of the domain name within 10 days.

In this case, that's exactly what happened. But not always. Complainants say that some registrars drag their feet when it comes to transferring domains in such cases. And if the respondent appeals the decision, the site will stay online until a final ruling is given.

An image from a Web site that took advantage of the Lego brand name.

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