Genuitec's MyEclipse IDE gets a speed boost

Genuitec is refreshing the professional and IBM WebSphere-oriented versions of its Eclipse-based IDE for Java and AJAX development on Tuesday, offering speed improvements and other capabilities.

The 7.5 releases of MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench Professional Edition and MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench Blue Edition, for IBM WebSphere application development, represent the latest in Genuitec's IDE that puts value-added capabilities on top of the base, open-source Eclipse IDE.

"We did a lot of performance tuning in this release, so basically, the IDE runs faster than in prior versions," said Genuitec Vice President Todd Williams. Speed enhancements reduce software bloat, Genuitec said.

Both 7.5 releases have added a Java profiler, called VisualVM Java Profiler, for profiling and checking memory consumption of code, Williams said. The tool previously was limited to working with the open source NetBeans tool platform, according to Genuitec.

Also featured is Visual SQL Query Builder, a visual tool for devising complicated SQL queries.

The Blue and Professional editions add support for Unified Modeling Language version 2.0. "[Developers] can do their upfront design using UML and generate the starter code," Williams said.

Both IDEs previously supported the 1x version of UML and Williams added that "there isn't a huge difference" between the 1x and 2.0 versions. "There's more diagram types," in UML 2.0, he said.

Genuitec with Version 7.5 also has updated support for Icefaces 1.8 library for JavaServer Faces  (JSF). A set of palette controls has been added in the new IceFaces library along with updates to JavaServer Pages (JSP) and JSPX, the XML version of JSP tags, said Williams. Icefaces backing enables development of AJAX user interfaces via JSF.

The Blue Edition adds support for remote WebSphere deployment, meaning that developers do not need the application server running on their specific machine. Genuitec also has added support for WebSphere 7.

"[Blue Edition is] a direct competitor with [IBM's] Rational Application Developer," tool, Williams said.

Annual subscriptions to MyEclipse Professional and Blue editions are priced at $60 and $150 respectively.

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