9 easy ways to improve your laptop's sound

Just say no to lousy laptop audio. With a few inexpensive upgrades, your notebook can sound like a million bucks.

The sound bar: Logitech AudioHub speaker system

Logitech AudioHub speaker system

When I get back to my office after a road trip, the first thing I do is plug my laptop into a full-sized set of speakers. Logitech's AudioHub does this one better by combining high-quality speakers with a USB hub, all via a convenient USB connection.

The AudioHub adds a 30-watt amplifier to a pair of 2.2-inch adjustable pull-out speakers and a 1.3-inch subwoofer. It delivers richer audio with warmer midrange tones and stronger bass than any notebook speakers can. The lighted power button doubles as a volume control knob. On the downside, AudioHub lacks a remote control and a headphone jack, and the three USB ports are hidden in the back.

Setting it up takes a couple of minutes, and the AudioHub is good for both PC and Mac notebooks. It comes with a two-year warranty; if you shop around online you can find it for about $75, which sounds like a bargain to me.

Price: $100

Available from: Logitech

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