Privacy-information services: The free, the cheap and the pricey

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The advantage of these sources is that they're free. If you have the time to peruse them, they can keep you current on the most important debates and risks. But these sources aren't designed to provide answers to narrow questions or comparisons across jurisdictions of regulations or risks on a particular topic.

Fee-based periodicals

Subscription-based services like the following can greatly leverage a privacy officer’s small budget, and they dive deeper into key privacy topics than free sources do:

  • The Washington-based BNA Privacy & Security Law Report is a daily and weekly feed of articles written by experts in the field and delivered via print and Web. The articles focus on the U.S., but also cover Canada, Latin America, the EU and Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) countries. ($1,900 per year)

  • London-based Privacy Laws & Business delivers two quarterly PDF journals of in-depth articles focused on the U.K. and non-U.K. markets. ($880 per year for both)

  • The IAPP offers a Privacy Tracker service, a combination of weekly e-mails, monthly print newsletters, and monthly calls focusing on U.S. state and federal legislative developments. ($725 per year)

  • The Crofton, British Columbia-based Institute for the Study of Privacy Issues provides ISPI Clips, perhaps the most comprehensive daily privacy news-clipping service. When you sign up, about two dozen e-mails land in your in-box each day, with healthy coverage of Canada and APEC news. ($310 per year)

Other paid periodicals include Evan Hendricks' biweekly Privacy Times ($350 per year) and Robert Ellis Smith's monthly Privacy Journal ($125 per year). If you're a member of the American Bar Association, you could receive the quarterly SciTech Lawyer, and IAPP members receive the monthly Privacy Advisor.

The privacy commissioners of Canada and Italy each issue their own newsletters (see here for Canada, and here for Italy), while members of the French association of privacy correspondents, AFCDP, also receive an excellent newsletter.

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