In pictures: Apple's iPad vs. e-readers

Apple's iPad tablet may rival e-book readers, but these six e-readers have life in them yet

Skiff Reader

Skiff LLC showed the Skiff Reader at CES and outdid the Que with an 11.5 inch grayscale touchcreen display and weighing 17.5 ounces.It will run on Wi-Fi and 3G, and boasts one week of battery life but that is probably without wireless. No shipping date or price was announced. Skiff is also working on a color version that could be ready by the end of the year. Skiff LLC is a Hearst Corp. incubator and is working on creating an e-publishing platform that works with a variety of devices and a number of publishers. The Skiff display relies on a metal foil e-paper technology from LG Display.


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