In pictures: Apple's iPad vs. e-readers

Apple's iPad tablet may rival e-book readers, but these six e-readers have life in them yet

The Barnes & Noble Nook

The Nook is also an E Ink grayscale display that is 6 inches diagonally, above a color touchscreen display that is 3.5 inches diagonally. The lower screen is used for browsing Barnes & Noble content on 3G and Wi-Fi, and Wi-Fi is free inside Barnes & Noble stores. It weights 12.1 ounces and boasts up to 10 days of use without a charge without wireless turned on. The bookseller sells it for $259, with an expected ship date currently of Feb. 12. While it is the first Android OS e-reader, some reviewers have complained the response times are slow although potential buyers can test it out in the store before buying.

Barnes & Noble Nook

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