14 tech tools that enhance computing for the disabled

Getting work done on a computer is easily within reach of the blind and physically disabled with the help of these new and updated tools

The key to computing: BigKeys LX keyboard

Sometimes all it takes is a little thoughtful redesign to help adapt a product for someone with poor eyesight or hand-eye coordination. The BigKeys LX from Greystone Digital is a novel take on the standard keyboard, with large keys and labels.

The BigKeys LX replaces a standard keyboard for use with either Windows or Mac computers; no extra software is required. The keyboard has most of the keys we're used to, but at 1-inch square, they're four times the size of traditional keys, making them easy to locate and press. Note, however, that it has a somewhat odd layout, with many special-character keys off to the right, and the large key spacing requires some getting used to.

The keyboard costs $159 and comes with a five-year warranty. Both the traditional QWERTY and ABC formats are available. The keyboard can be ordered with white, black, yellow or multicolored keys for easy recognition.

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