Weelya tool pushes real-time data to Web sites

Looking to advance a real-time Web paradigm, Weelya unveiled earlier this month its APE (Ajax Push Engine) 1.0, an open-source technology promoting the pushing of data onto Web pages as the information becomes available.

APE 1.0 is intended as an alternative to the "traditional" Web model in which a browser must ask for data by periodically sending requests to the server. This places constant demands on the server and the availability of data quickly becomes unreliable, according to Weelya, of Montpellier, France.

[ Microsoft recently added SSL backing to its AJAX CDN. ]

Instead, APE presents a technical model that allows information to be sent to the client directly, presenting a real-time push of data to the server, Weelya said.  It does not require any client add-on.

"APE is a communications solution designed for real time," said John Chavarria,  Weelya CEO.  Developers can build real-time Web applications, he said.

"You push data when it's available," he said.  In addition to a performance benefit, users of APE can deploy  fewer servers to handle communications than they would have needed otherwise, Chavarria said.

"[APE] is a Web server that you can install along with a regular Web server," such as Apache, Chavarria said.

AJAX is used for communicating with a server in APE. "What we're doing is a permanent AJAX request," said Chavarria. APE features a Comet server, which is an HTTP server for real-time data push, and a JavaScript framework.

Downloadable from this Web page, APE can be installed on Linux, BSD and Mac OS X servers but not on Windows servers.  An upgrade planned for release within a couple months, APE 1.1, will feature a Web circuits capability, enabling use of an open circuit within APE to help save bandwidth, said Chavarria.

In development for two years, APE can support 100,000 users on a single node, Weelya said.

Weelya offers development services around APE.

This story, "Weelya goes APE for real-time Web apps," was originally published at InfoWorld.com. Follow the latest developments in application development at InfoWorld.com.

This story, "Weelya tool pushes real-time data to Web sites" was originally published by InfoWorld.

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