Make the Most of Your Middle Mouse Button, Part 3

Let's continue this week's informal series on doing more with that oft-neglected middle mouse button (or "Middy," as I like to call it).

On Tuesday you learned about using it to quick-close browser tabs, and yesterday you discovered that middle-clicking Web links automatically opens them in new tabs. What more could ol' Middy possibly do for you?!

If you're a Firefox or Internet Explorer user, plenty. Let's say you've organized a handful of favorite sites--you know, the ones you visit daily--into a folder. Smart move.

Here's an even smarter one: You can instantly open every link in a folder, each in its own tab, but middle-clicking that folder.

This works regardless of where the folder is located: your bookmarks toolbar, your navigation toolbar, even a pull-down menu. One middle-click of a folder and presto: every link therein opens in a new tab.

Handy, right? Tomorrow we'll get outside your browser and see what Middy can do in Windows proper. Stay tuned!

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