Make the Most of Your Middle Mouse Button, Part 2

As I mentioned yesterday, few users know the power of their mouse's middle button (which on many mice is also the scroll wheel). That's why I'm devoting this week to our good friend "Middy" and its unsung abilities.

Yesterday, for example, you learned that clicking Middy on any open browser tab closes it immediately--even if it's a tab that's not currently visible.

If you happened to read the comments for that post, you got a sneak peek at today's tip: middle-clicking Web links. (Way to steal my thunder, LindaA! Just kidding.)

Specifically, when you middle-click a link in Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer (not sure about Opera, but I'm guessing so), that link opens immediately in a new tab.

Incidentally, you can accomplish the same thing by holding down the CTRL key and left-clicking a link. But why bother with that extra half-step when you can just as easily click Middy?

More Middy goodness coming tomorrow, so stay tuned! In the meantime, feel free to share any middle-click tips of your own in the comments area.

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