Google upgrades Web toolkit for browser-based apps

Google on Tuesday evening released Google Web Toolkit (GWT) 2.0 for building browser-based applications, offering enhancements for performance profiling and incremental downloading as well as a declarative UI framework.

Version 2.0 of the open source development toolkit is built to accommodate recent improvements in browser speed and capabilities for larger, richer Web applications, Google said. The toolkit is available for download.

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"We use Google Web Toolkit for all our Java-based internal apps", said Ben Fried, Google chief information officer, in a statement released by the company. "It's a great tool for enterprise-class Java GUI development and we build our most sensitive and critical corporate systems with it. In addition to the big benefits in developer productivity, GWT offers, the future-proofing and browser independence you get out of the box mean that we're protected from the problems caused by browser-specific bugs and exploits."

Features of Version 2.0 include:

  • Speed Tracer, for performance profiling. Speed Tracer leverages HTML 5 technologies, allowing developers to diagnose performance problems in the browser. Insight is offered into low-level browser operations.
  • Code Splitting, for incremental downloading. This feature lets developers slice and dice application code so key functionality can load immediately while other features load later as needed.
  • UiBinder, a new declarative UI framework that enables rapid design iteration and clean separation between the presentation layer and application logic.

GWT 2.0 was unveiled at a Google Campfire One event, which features on-campus interactions between Google and the developer community.

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