Super Bowl Sunday: 15 Twitter feeds to follow

Come Sunday, #SB44 -- the official Twitter hashtag that the NFL has designated for all tweets related to Super Bowl XLIV -- will no doubt top Twitter's trending topics. You can rely on Jim Nantz and Phil Simms to call the play-by-play of the game on CBS, but if you want additional analysis, or the inside scoop on what's happening during commercial breaks and timeouts, look to the sports analysts and football fans tweeting live--some right from Sun Life Stadium. Here are 15 Twitter accounts you should consider following on game day.

1. @Adam_Schefter: Official account for ESPN football analyst Adam Schefter.

Recent Super Bowl tweet: This has a ring to it: If Indianapolis wins, Adam Vinatieri would tie Charles Haley for most Super Bowl rings in NFL history with five.

2. @Colts: Unofficial account of the Indianapolis Colts "by fans, for fans."

Recent Super Bowl tweet: Freeney loves long walks on the beach -- for his improving ankle:

3. @ESPN_AFCsouth: ESPN blogger Paul Kuharsky on updates and analysis on the Colts.

Recent Super Bowl tweet: Tom Moore on his future: 'My plans go up til Sunday. I don't like to complicate my life.' #SB44

4. @ESPN_NFCsouth: ESPN football blogger Pat Yasinskas on news, updates, rumors and analysis on the Saints.

Recent Super Bowl tweet: Photoblog: Media day 'workout' -

5. @GrazDanny: Dan Graziano, NFL writer for AOL FanHouse.

Recent Super Bowl tweet: Super Bowl radio row celebrity sightings, a partial Wednesday list: Joe Montana, Barry Sanders, Emmitt Smith, Vincent Jackson...more to come

6. @GreenyANDGolic: Mike Golic and Mike Greenberg, ESPN Radio sports-talk hosts of "Mike and Mike in the Morning."

Recent Super Bowl tweet: Greeny sporting the shirt that DeMaurice Smith just brought by the show for him

7. @Jay_Glazer: "NFL insider" and senior writer for

Recent Super Bowl tweet: at dinner w ditka AGAIN. feel like i'm cheating on jared. da coach is a classic! we used to run nyc hard 2gether. funnest time of my life.

8. @JeffDuncantp: New Orleans Saints beat columnist for The Times-Picayune.

Recent Super Bowl tweet: Hargrove's media table was packed. "I'm nervous about my ego getting too big," he joked. "I'm trying to keep my feet firmly on the ground"

9. @NFL: Official Twitter account of the National Football League.

Recent Super Bowl tweet: Reggie Bush: "A lot of people asking me to do things and be places... I guess I should worry when they stop asking." #SB44

10. @NFLprguy: Brian McCarthy, PR rep for the National Football League.

Recent Super Bowl tweet: Tmrw will be Reggie Bush's 2nd Media Day. See what he wrote as a high school senior #sb44

11. @OGOchOCinco: Official account of Chad Ochocinco, who also has launched the Ochocinco News Network and covered Media Day.

Recent Super Bowl tweet: Just finished media row now headed down to south beach to finish the rest of my media stuff,then pool party with TO and Ludacris

12. @RichEisen: Host of "NFL Total Access" and "NFL GameDay."

Recent Super Bowl tweet: Getting set for my favorite shows of the year: Our 7-hour edition of NFLTA from the Super Bowl Media Center with Marshall and Mooch. 11A ET.

13. @TheSaints: Unofficial account of the New Orleans Saints "by fans, for fans."

Recent Super Bowl tweet: New Orleans Saints' long strange journey from laughingstock to toast of the NFL - New York Daily News:

14. @SI_PeterKing: Sports Illustrated's senior NFL writer.

Recent Super Bowl tweet: Freeney looked pretty gimpy, just walking, and ankle was still swollen. Wouldn't expect to see him practicing at all this week.

15. @TheCooleyZone: Chris Cooley, Washington Redskins tight end who has teamed up with the Ochocinco News Network as a correspondent and is tweeting live from Florida.

Recent Super Bowl tweet: Just interviewed jim mcmahan with jake and amir. It looked like he wanted to punch me in the face. #ocnn

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