Troyak takedown, security blues, ICANN meets

The Troyak ISP, which has been linked to the Zeus botnet, was briefly taken down this week. The takedown occurred on the heels of the RSA Conference last week, where there was much talk about the "cat-and-mouse" game of trying to squelch cybercrime. Otherwise, things got a little testy at the ICANN meeting in Nairobi, and iPad pre-orders got rolling. Oh, and the Internet was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. Seriously.

1. Zeus botnet dealt a blow as ISP Troyak knocked out, Shutdown of Zeus botnet controller has researchers wondering and After takedown, botnet-linked ISP Troyak resurfaces: The Troyak ISP (Internet service provider), which has been linked to the nasty Zeus botnet, was taken offline, which prompted sighs of relief that, alas, did not last long.

2. Security industry faces attacks it can't stop: Despite how hard security vendors are working to get next-generation products to market, those who seek to do us harm online are at least one step ahead.

3. ICANN boss slammed for DNS security warning: Things got a little testy at the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers meeting in Nairobi this week.

4. Analysis: FCC's national broadband plan: What's in it? and FCC offers free broadband speed test: The U.S. Federal Communications Commission is set to officially unveil its national broadband plan next Wednesday. The FCC has been releasing bits of the plan for a while now, aiming to drum up support for it.

5. iPad now available for preorder, Apple dishes new iPad details on 3G, iBooks, more and Only a fool would pre-order an iPad: Apple opened up iPad pre-orders on Friday, and although the company won't say how many orders have been placed, we're quite sure that people have logged on in droves to be among the first iPad owners. InfoWorld's Galen Gruman has a name for them.

6. IBM stops disclosing U.S. headcount data: IBM claims it employs more people than any other IT company, but it has stopped providing U.S. headcount figures, giving a big dose of credence to those who are upset about apparent layoffs and moving of employees to India and other countries.

7. Cisco CEO Chambers: 'I did not want to compete against IBM and HP': John Chambers was talkative with Network World, which wrote up an interesting series of interviews with the Cisco Systems CEO.

8. The Internet is nominated for Nobel Peace Prize: Well, if Barack Obama can win the Nobel Peace Prize while the U.S. is embroiled in two wars, we suppose it's not entirely daft that the Internet has now been nominated for that same award.

9. Banish seven bad tech habits: It's nearly spring here in the Northern Hemisphere, so time for a little cleaning up, which in our world includes dealing with some bad habits related to technology use.

10. 12 types of cell phone users that drive us nuts: Particular cell phone users are giving CIO's Al Sacco fits, and we have to say that these particular cell phone (mis)users make us feel even nuttier than usual as well.

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