10 Mac tweeters not to miss

From tech celebs to hidden gems, our Mac expert names 10 sources whose Apple-related tweets he couldn't do without.

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@macworld -- Macworld

This would be a cop-out entry if Macworld were not such an informative and useful feed for Mac users to subscribe to. But it would be a shame not to mention one of the best Mac tweeters on the grounds of its obviousness. (Macworld is a sister publication of Computerworld.)

Macworld's Twitter feed is a great starting point for folks who wish to maximize their education-to-noise ratio. The tweets are mostly Apple product-based, but there are occasional tweets about interesting news in the PC sector. To keep up with everything that's going on in the world of Apple, Macworld is a sure bet.

Follow cost: 1.81 tweets per day all time / 1.98 tweets per day recently

Recent tweets that have caught my eye:

Ben Long explains how to build your own Drobo-like media server http://is.gd/7HmJm

Here's more info on Aperture 3: http://bit.ly/cMyZnK

Mac OS X Hints: Customize the root shell's prompt in Terminal http://is.gd/8KW4q

@feedmyapple -- apple correspondent -- and @awtisa -- awtisa

Making up for the obvious Macworld selection, here are a couple of lesser-known Twitter accounts for those who want to know every scrap of information that leaks out of Apple's Cupertino, Calif., headquarters. I've found that by following these two in concert, I rarely miss a Mac story worth reading.

While Apple-focused, these feeds occasionally dip into other news as well, from music to Google's Nexus One smartphone to the Fox TV show Glee. However, if you absolutely want to make sure every bit of Apple news gets to you via Twitter, add these two to your follow list.

@feedmyapple follow cost: 44.01 tweets per day all time / 35.40 tweets per day recently

Recent @feedmyapple tweets that have caught my eye:

Get a TUAW discount on Mac theft recovery service from hidden http://bit.ly/bXGNUW #Apple

Mac users damn, defend Microsoft's 'ribbonizing' of Office 2011 http://bit.ly/dt4EfP #Apple

Current MacBook Pro Models Deleted From Best Buy's Inventory System? Updates Imminent? http://bit.ly/cC94l2 #Apple

@awtisa follow cost: 39.87 tweets per day all time / 45.95 tweets per day recently

Recent @awtisa tweets that have caught my eye:

Apple Planning Smoother Transitions Between Graphics Processors in Upcoming MacBook Pros?: AppleInsider reports th... http://bit.ly/awPEwa

Sharing data between your Mac and iPhone: The iPhone to me is less phone, and more of an extension to computing. ... http://bit.ly/cdENLX

What's that menu item mean on my Mac? Filed under: Mac 101 Ever since you've started using your Mac, you've been ... http://bit.ly/9RlPgK

@robpickering -- Rob Pickering

Rob's bio tells us he's a "Technology geek and IT VP with interests from SCUBA to Macintosh and iPhone to UNIX and World of Warcraft." In other words, he fits right in on this list. His tweets are mostly about technology, with many focusing on his Mac and software for the Mac.

Follow cost: 2.12 tweets per day all time / 2.08 tweets per day recently

Recent tweets that have caught my eye:

Experts weigh in on Mac vs. PC Security (http://bit.ly/awUOpC) - Yes, Macs are more secure. #Security

I installed Click2Flash into Safari, it hasn't crashed or locked up since (http://bit.ly/bvmbLT) #OSX

Installing Windows 7 into Boot Camp under Mac OSX (SL) (http://bit.ly/b679R1) #Macintosh #Windows

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