10 Mac tweeters not to miss

From tech celebs to hidden gems, our Mac expert names 10 sources whose Apple-related tweets he couldn't do without.

Who knew that "140 characters or less" could change the way people interact? For many, Twitter has become an indispensable way to tap into breaking news and insights.

Beyond using searches and watching the trending terms to see what tweet topics are hot, the key to a happy Twitter experience depends on whom you follow. Whether you're just beginning to use Twitter or looking to add more voices to your stream, following the right people can turn seemingly random, unrelated tweets into a useful flow of news and commentary on favorite topics.

If you're a Mac fan, you'll quickly find that there are a lot of Apple-focused tweeters out there. As a Mac expert and aficionado, I thought I'd share a few who I've found to be worth my Twitter time. Here's a list of 10 tweeters, both well-known and obscure, whose Mac tweets keep me informed and engaged. In this list, a tweeter's popularity is less important than the usefulness of his tweets.

For those of you who are concerned about excessive tweeting, I've included for each tweeter in my list a "follow cost" (as determined by Followcost.com, which calculates the average number of tweets per day overall and the average per day for the last 100 tweets). As you might suspect, follow costs fluctuate frequently, but the numbers included here should give you a good idea of how many tweets per day to expect.

After you've seen my picks, share your own favorite Mac tweeters in the article comments.

@Ihnatko -- Andy Ihnatko

Andy Ihnatko's Twitter bio reads "Technology Pundit and Internationally Beloved Industry Personality," a description that's right on the mark. When Andy's not writing about technology for the Chicago Sun-Times, he can be found voicing his opinions about gadgets, software and everything else in technology podcasts and television appearances -- and, of course, on Twitter.

Well known for his fondness for Apple gear and for his offbeat sense of humor, Ihnatko was even accused of being the writer behind the Fake Steve Jobs blog before Dan Lyons 'fessed up.

What makes Ihnatko great to follow is the blending of his unmistakable style, humor and passion for the technology under his microscope. While his comments aren't always Apple-based, considering Ihnatko's status amongst tech geeks, he's worth the follow.

Follow cost: 8.52 tweets per day all time / 6.37 tweets per day recently

Recent tweets that have caught my eye:

Turning off notifications of your number of unread emails is like putting black tape over your "Check Engine" light.

I instituted a new music library policy today: when a CD attains Double Plus Love Status, I re-rip it as Apple Lossless.

It's 12 days after Apple's announcement and "iPad" is STILL a trending topic on Twitter. Apple just might have something here...

@siracusa -- John Siracusa

If you don't follow freelance tech writer and Web developer John Siracusa, then you've been missing out on some of the harshest, most meticulous, most thoughtful looks into Mac OS X as the operating system has evolved. Of course, while Siracusa is particularly well known for his thorough analysis and deconstruction of all things OS X, he's been known to publish a thought or two well worth reading on other topics.

Follow cost: 5.31 tweets per day all time / 4.37 tweets per day recently

Recent tweets that have caught my eye:

@codinghorror Mac Pros are high-margin, but they're also very nice inside and out. It'd take a lot of skill to build its match for less.

@jnack Also, I did say "If you need a reason to be optimistic about Adobe's Cocoa port of Photoshop, look no further than Lightroom."

Every iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad sold is another tiny arrow fired into the hulking colossus that is Flash on the web.

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