Face-off: 1979 Apple Graphics Tablet vs. 2010 Apple iPad

30-year-old technology struts its stuff beside today's state-of-the-art tablet computer

Drawing with the tablets

Images drawn with the Apple II Graphics Tablet and the iPad

Once the software is booted and configured, the Apple Graphics Tablet can serve its primary function: graphic design. It relays to the computer remarkably accurate representations of the user's drawings. The magazine name, circuit diagram and Apple logo shown above were hand-drawn using the Apple Graphics Tablet and stylus.

The iPad removes the gulf inherent to graphics tablets, which require you to draw on one surface to make an image appear on a separate screen. With the iPad, the drawing surface and screen are one. Although its multitouch interface is naturally conducive to finger-painting, it doesn't come with an application for doing so; however, the free app Draw does the job nicely.

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