Face-off: 1979 Apple Graphics Tablet vs. 2010 Apple iPad

30-year-old technology struts its stuff beside today's state-of-the-art tablet computer

Configuring the devices

Configuring the Apple II Graphics Tablet overlay and the iPad

Before you can use the graphics tablet for the first time, it must be calibrated using the included software. Misconfiguration would skew the correlation between the user's gestures and the resulting on-screen image. The tablet's software saves the configuration to disk, so you need to recalibrate only if you start using a different copy of the software, or if the overlay shifts -- a not impossible occurrence since the overlay is simply taped into place using regular office tape (not included).

Configuring the iPad isn't quite so essential. Although each application has its own settings, a variety of general options determine basic functionality, such as wireless networking, background displays, language, date and time.

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