Panasonic debuts first consumer 3D camcorders

Panasonic unveiled its first two consumer camcorders capable of recording video in 3D on Wednesday in Tokyo.

The devices are the first 3D camcorders for the consumer market from a major manufacturer. They will go on sale in Japan on Aug. 20, the company announced at a news conference.

The devices look like regular camcorders and can capture conventional 2D video and images, but by adding a conversion lens that roughly doubles the size of the camera, they can capture in 3D.

The TM750 model boasts 96GB of storage capacity, while the TM650 can hold 64GB. The cameras can also record onto SD memory cards.

Video recorded on the camcorders can be viewed on a 3D television. Panasonic and other major consumer electronics makers have been pushing 3D televisions in the last few months as the first professional 3D content begins to appear on Blu-ray Disc and via television networks.

Panasonic didn't immediately announce prices for the two devices, nor when they may launch them in markets outside of Japan.

Panasonic launched a professional 3D camcorder earlier this year.

The AG-3DA1 looks like one of Panasonic's existing semi-professional camcorders with a bulbous twin lens assembly in place of the normal single lens. It records full high-definition images to SD memory cards and is available as a built-to-order product from the company for US$21,000.

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