Check your baggage: Are biases keeping you from hiring the best candidate for the job?

We debunk six assumptions that can get between you and your next great hire

Even in a recession, Bobbie Wilbur is always trolling for good people to fill IT positions at her tech services firm in Oakland, Calif.

Tattooed business guy

So when a colleague passed on to her a résumé from a 911 dispatcher, Wilbur took the time to review it carefully, even though the applicant had no directly relevant technical experience.

Wilbur, co-director of Social Interest Solutions, a nonprofit organization that builds and hosts software for other nonprofits , thought the applicant's unique background showed he could think on his feet and focus not just on technology but on using technology to find solutions.

She gave the dispatcher a chance, and she's glad she did. The new hire, Wilbur says, turned out to be a valuable member of her 70-member staff, 65 of whom hold IT-related positions.

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