Decoding the new AT&T iPhone data plans

Unlimited data ends June 7, or does it?

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I don't want to go over. How do I check data usage? You can call *DATA# from your iPhone to receive a text message that spells out your data usage for the current billing cycle.

You can also download the free AT&T myWireless Mobile app from the iTunes App Store; the app provides an up-to-date tally of calling minutes and data consumed in the current cycle.

AT&T will also text your iPhone when you've consumed 65%, 90% and 100% of your monthly allotment.

I have an iPad 3G, too. Do I need to pay attention to the new capped plans? You'd better.

Plenty of people are beefing about what they see as a bait-and-switch. When Apple introduced the iPad last January, CEO Steve Jobs made a point to tout the unlimited $30-a-month data plan for the 3G model and that fact that there was no contract commitment. You'd be able to pay for data on a month-by-month basis, dropping it when you didn't need it, picking it back up when you did.

That flexibility gets a serious leg cramp next Monday.

Here's why. If you're now on the iPad 3G's $30 all-you-can-eat data plan, and drop it at any time, you can't go back: The next time you want data, your choices will be between $15 for 200MB and $25 for 2GB. No more unlimited data for you.

That means you have to keep paying the $30 -- and have the account set to auto-renew -- to remain on the unlimited plan.

From where we sit, that's the same thing as if you were locked into a long-term contract. Maybe it's worse, since it's infinite.

We're light eaters in my house. Can we share one data plan among several iPhones? You cannot.

The data plans are per-line only, AT&T confirmed. Adding another iPhone to your existing family plan costs a minimum of $25 per month. But look on the bright side: That's $15 less than before. (The $15 cost savings, naturally, comes from the $15 difference between the current $30 unlimited plan and the $15 200MB deal that kicks in Monday.)

How much does tethering cost? $20 a month on top of the $25 monthly fee for the 2GB plan. (Tethering isn't offered with the $15 plan.)

This doesn't apply to iPhone owners -- this is the first time we've been offered tethering -- but if you've been paying the $30 per month for tethering another make of smartphone, you're grandfathered. So why pay $10 more a month? Because the old $30 tethering deal included an additional 5GB of data.

The new $20 plan -- which replaces the $30-with-more-data deal -- doesn't come with any data allotment.

Can I tether my iPhone to my iPad? Negative.

Even though the iPad and iPhone both support Bluetooth, iPhone-to-iPad tethering isn't available. When asked why, an AT&T spokeswoman said, "That's a device question. I recommend you ask Apple."

Apple did not reply to our question. Shocker.

It's possible that everyone is keeping mum because iPhone-to-iPad tethering will be switched on in iPhone OS 4, which should hit the iPhone next week and the iPad sometime this fall. We're hopeful.

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