And the state with the fastest broadband is ... Delaware

Delaware might be one of the smallest states geographically, but it comes up big when it comes to broadband speeds.

According to CDN vendor Akamai's newest State of the Internet report, Delaware leads the United States in broadband connection speeds, averaging 7.6Mbps per connection. This average is significantly higher than most other states, as no other state had an average connection speed of more than 5.8Mbps. Additionally, Delaware led the nation in percentage of total connections exceeding an average of 5Mbps, as a whopping 72% of its connections clocked in at 5Mbps or higher.

Most of the states with average connection speeds of 5Mbps or higher are located in the Northeast, including Vermont (5.8Mbps), Massachusetts (5.7Mbps), New Hampshire (5.6Mbps), Rhode Island (5.4Mbps), New York (5.4Mbps) and Connecticut (5.4Mbps). Other states that averaged 5Mbps or higher were Nevada (5.5Mbps), Indiana (5.4Mbps) and Wisconsin (5.1Mbps).

One interesting finding in the report is that while the United States has a relatively slow average connection speed as a whole at 3.8Mbps, it has some of the fastest cities in the entire world, most of which are unsurprisingly college towns. Berkeley, Calif., has the fastest average connection speed of any city in the world at 18.7Mbps, with Chapel Hill, N.C. (17.5Mbps) and Stanford, Calif. (16.9Mbps) not far behind. Other fast college towns include Durham, N.C .(13.6Mbps), Ann Arbor, Mich. (13.2Mbps) and Ithaca, N.Y. (13.3Mbps). The fastest non-U.S. cities in the world were Masan, South Korea (15Mbps) and Oxford, England (14.5Mbps).

From a global standpoint, however, the United States' overall average connection speed of 3.8Mbps places it 22nd behind several Asian and European countries. South Korea still has the fastest average broadband connection speed in the world at 11.7Mbps, easily beating out second-place Hong Kong (8.6Mbps) and third-place Japan (7.6Mbps). Additionally, the United States has seen its average connection speed actually drop over the past year, as its 3.8Mbps average is 2.5% lower than the 3.9Mbps average registered at the start of 2009.

Akamai collects data for its connectivity speed reports through its globally deployed server network that it uses for content delivery. The company has been issuing its quarterly state of the Web reports since June of 2008.

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