10 must-have Firefox extensions for business

Work smarter without leaving your browser

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iMacros Firefox extension
Create and launch automated actions from the iMacros sidebar.


You probably already use macros in Word or Excel. These highly useful tools automate certain tasks by letting you record or script a series of actions and assign a key combination or other simple command to make them run. With iMacros, you can add the same functionality to Firefox.

IMacros lets you record any set of mouse clicks and text actions to run at any time. For example, you could set up a macro to open your expense report on your company's intranet and enter in your employee ID number and other information automatically. More advanced users can add light programming into their scripts.

Macros can be created, edited and accessed from a Firefox sidebar, and the extension comes with about 20 demonstration macros that show off some of the things it can do, such as extracting data from tables, filling forms and saving pages.

Xmarks Bookmark and Password Sync

Xmarks (formerly Foxmarks) is already a popular extension for synchronizing bookmarks among several different computers and across multiple browsers, letting you access the same bookmarks on, say, your work desktop, your laptop and your iMac at home. But the ability to share bookmarks also makes Xmarks an excellent collaboration tool for teams and departments.

By creating a shared "Work" (or similarly named) folder and organizing bookmarks within it according to projects, your team can easily establish a single repository of research, online applications and other resources that are accessible from anywhere. To share a folder, log into the My Xmarks console from the Xmarks menu under Tools; shared bookmarks are accessible through a Web page, via RSS, or through e-mail notifications.

Xmarks Firefox extension
Use Xmarks to share bookmarks with your team.
WiseStamp Firefox extension
Brand your e-mail more effectively using WiseStamp's rich signature-editing tools.

WiseStamp Email Signature

Add highly customizable signature blocks to Web mail messages using WiseStamp. Currently supporting the most popular Web mail services (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and AOL, with support for more services promised by the developers), WiseStamp lets users create two different signatures -- separate ones for personal and business use or two different business signatures.

But the object of WiseStamp isn't so much managing multiple signatures as managing multiple data sources within each sig. You can easily add information from dozens of social networks and online applications, such as LinkedIn or Google Calendar, as well as the latest updates from a Twitter stream or RSS feed.

The rich text editor allows you to style and color text, as well as insert images into your signature. By default, WiseStamp inserts a link to its site at the bottom of your e-mail, but this can be removed in the settings.

Twitter Search Firefox extension
The Twitter Search extension lets you search Twitter right from the comfort of your Firefox search bar.

Twitter Search

Twitter has become a central branding, research, and reputation management tool for today's businesses -- there's no better way to find out what people are thinking about your products (or your competition's) in real time. The Twitter Search extension makes searching Twitter just a little easier by integrating Twitter's search function into Firefox's built-in search box.

Given Twitter's popularity, it's reasonable to think that future updates of Firefox will include Twitter as a built-in search option, but until then, this extension can help make it that much easier to use.

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