8 essential privacy extensions for Firefox

Protect your online life from prying eyes with these key Firefox privacy add-ons.

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One of the greatest threats to privacy is the loss or theft of a laptop or desktop computer, giving whoever finds or steals it access to everything stored on it. Chris Finke's FireFound extension notes the location of the network your computer is on whenever it connects to the Internet. If it has changed locations, FireFound sends a message to a central server with the new location.

FireFound Firefox extension
If your computer is stolen or lost, FireFound can wipe out your Firefox data remotely the next time the computer is connected to the Internet.

So if the computer has been stolen or misplaced, you can log onto the password-protected FireFound server to find out approximately where it is. You can also set FireFound to send you an alert via e-mail whenever the computer is more than a specific distance away.

FireFound lets you remotely send instructions to delete browser passwords, page cache, surfing history, form data and other personal information from Firefox, so that whoever is in possession of your computer won't be able to use your browser to access your online accounts or derive personal information from your cache.

The extension relies on the free service at FireFound.com, or you can set up your own open-source FireFound server. A $1-per-month premium account allows you to remotely encrypt and back up your saved passwords before wiping them from your lost computer; the premium account also lets you designate "safe areas" within which your computer's movement will not trigger an e-mail alert.


Google offers an impressive array of services that help make the Internet useful, but all that assistance comes with a cost: your privacy. If you use a number of Google services, you're giving the company access to your search history, your e-mail, your video and picture uploads and a wide range of other data, all of which can live on Google's servers for months or even years.

OptimizeGoogle Firefox extension
OptimizeGoogle provides a number of options for increasing security and privacy while using Google's online tools.

Phlogenix's OptimizeGoogle extension offers some neat tricks to improve your Google experience, such as adding links to results pages from Yahoo, Ask and other search engines for your searches in case you're not satisfied with your Google results. The extension also offers a number of privacy-increasing options, most notably the ability to default to HTTPS secure browsing on all Google services and disabling tracking by ads or Google Analytics.

[Also see The smart paranoid's guide to using Google.]

Your turn: What are your must-have privacy extensions for Firefox? Let us know in the article comments.

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