Q&A: BMC takes on management of cloud computing

Cloud computing makes systems management even more important --- and much more complex

As if managing your current IT operations weren't challenging enough, along comes cloud computing to plaster on another layer of complexity. How does your current management strategy need to evolve to support private cloud? How do you seamlessly control a hybrid private-public cloud?

No one has all the answers, but BMC Software, Inc. -- a champion of the concept of business service management -- is moving aggressively toward making cloud just another service option to be managed, just like internal servers, networking, storage and applications.

In this installment of the IDG Enterprise CEO Interview Series, BMC CEO Bob Beauchamp spoke with IDGE Chief Content Officer John Gallant and Computerworld Editor-in-Chief Scot Finnie and Technologies Editor Johanna Ambrosio. Beauchamp talked about BMC's cloud strategy, why BMC thinks IBM and HP are the wrong answer for management buyers and how BMC's acquisitions have positioned the company to dominate the evolving management market. BMC's Chief Technology Officer, Kia Behnia, also took part in this discussion.

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