Security chiefs at home: No such thing as 'off duty'

Here's how the chief security officers at MasterCard, Juniper Networks and other big organizations protect their private lives

It's a good idea to think twice before pursuing certain professions -- they could change your daily habits, if not your entire outlook on life. A chief financial officer might choose a house project based on its impact on home value. An emergency room worker might forbid his kids from jumping on a trampoline.

What about a chief security officer? CSOs are paid to be vigilant (some might say paranoid), so how can that mind-set not impact their personal affairs, particularly when it comes to traveling, securing personal information, protecting belongings and raising kids?

To find out, we spoke with five security chiefs about how their profession influences them outside of the office. Their precautions may occasionally seem extreme, but take heed -- even these experts aren't always immune to credit card fraud or identity theft.

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