Q&A: Riverbed CEO sees WANs in the data center and the cloud

Jerry Kennelly also gives his views on battling with Cisco, expanding Riverbed's product line and opportunities in the cloud.

If you think WAN optimization is a niche market, don't bring it up around Jerry Kennelly. Co-founder, chairman and CEO of Riverbed Technology, Kennelly is a fervent believer that WAN optimization is the foundation for the next generation of IT infrastructure and that Riverbed is poised for a dominant role not only in corporate data centers but in the cloud as well.

Since its founding in 2002, Riverbed (RVBD) has become the leader in WAN optimization (according to consultancy Gartner), and it continues to grow at a rapid clip -- as in 39% year-over-year revenue expansion in its first fiscal quarter ended June 30. In this installment of the IDG Enterprise CEO Interview Series, Kennelly spoke with IDGE Chief Content Officer John Gallant and Network World Senior Editor Tim Greene about battling with Cisco, the expansion of Riverbed's product line and big opportunities in the cloud.

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