Data analytics requirements push database tech to limits

Complex, real-time analyses fuel demand for specialized analytics platforms, report says

Emerging business analytics needs are exposing limitations in traditional database management technologies and fueling the growth of highly specialized analytics platforms, according to a report by two leading industry analysts.

The new products are designed to analyze large and diverse data sets more efficiently than traditional database management products allow. And they integrate new database and storage management technologies to enable more efficient data management and retrieval capabilities, the report said.

The report, prepared for Beye Network by Merv Adrian, principal at IT Market Strategy, and Colin White, president of DataBase Associates Inc. and founder of BI Research, was sponsored by eight vendors of the new technologies. It incorporates feedback from 168 enterprises that are not currently using the new technologies.

"Over the last several years, the notion that a specialized engine for analytics is a good idea has achieved significant commercial acceptance," Adrian said. "People are buying alternatives to their incumbent database management system" to handle new, increasingly complex, real-time business analysis needs, he said.

Many of the emerging products are from relatively new and small vendors such as Netezza, Vertica, Aster Data, Greenplum and ParAccel. The overall market for products from such vendors is still relatively small, hovering at around $500 million. Even so, the growing corporate interest in specialized analytic database management systems (ADBMS) has forced big vendors to take notice.

In September, IBM announced plans to acquire Netezza, one of the pioneers in this area, for $1.7 billion. A month earlier, high-end data warehouse appliance vendor Teradata acquired Kickfire, a startup maker of specialized analytics technologies. And in July, EMC agreed to buy Greenplum, a developer of high-end data warehousing software.

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